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January 7th, 2010   Ann   Site   Comments Off on Grand Opening

Welcome to Dreama Walker Online, your first and only source dedicated to actress Dreama Walker. You might know Dreama from her role as Hazel Williams on the CW show Gossip Girl and the Clint Eastwood movie Gran Torino

The site has been in process for quite some time and it’s not yet complete but I finally decided to launch it. Enjoy your stay here and come back if you like it!

August 24th, 2009   Ann   News, TV Projects   Comments Off on Seven Deadly Sins to shoot in Victoria

The circus is back in town, but not the kind that showcases acrobats, trapeze artists and a ringmaster.

The “circus” also refers to the stationary assemblage of shiny white movie trucks, trailers and other mobile units that show up when a movie or TV show starts shooting. It routinely prompts double-takes — and calls to the Times Colonist arts desk.

If you’re wondering about the new fleet that just rolled into town, it’s for production of Lifetime Movie Network’s Seven Deadly Sins. Principal photography gets under way in Victoria Monday.

The four-hour miniseries is based on Robin Wasserman’s novels — Lust, Greed, Envy, Wrath, Gluttony, Sloth and Pride — and centres on a group of morally challenged high schoolers in a fictional northern California town called Grace.

You can expect a few wide loads ahead during the 38-day shoot of the series that stars Eric Close (Without a Trace), Rachel Melvin (Days of Our Lives), Dreama Walker (Gossip Girl), Jared Keeso (The Guard) and Emma Lahana.

Seven Deadly Sins is being produced by SDS Films in association with Bauman Entertainment. Victoria-raised Jeff Renfroe is directing from a script by Gary Tieche (Medium).

Source: The Victoria Times Colonist

August 12th, 2009   Ann   News, TV Projects   Comments Off on Dreama in ‘Sins’ Miniseries

Lifetime Movie Network is taking a contemporary look at the seven deadly sins.

The cable network is moving with production on “Seven Deadly Sins,” a four-hour miniseries based on Robin Wasserman’s “Seven Deadly Sins” series of novels: “Lust,” “Greed,” “Envy,” “Wrath,” “Gluttony,” “Sloth” and “Pride.”

“Without a Trace” alum Eric Close is set to star in the mini, written by Gary Tieche and to be directed by Jeff Renfroe.

Dreama Walker (“Gossip Girl”), Rachel Melvin (“Days of Our Lives”), Jared Keeso (“The Guard”), Emma Lahana (“The Guard”), Greyston Holt (“Durham County”) and Steven Grayhm (“Taken”) co-star in the project. It is slated to begin production late this month for a 2010 premiere.

In “Sins,” Harper (Walker) is a manipulative queen bee at her high school whose popularity is usurped when a transfer student (Melvin) comes to town, seduces Harper’s boyfriend (Keeso) and shamelessly pursues handsome French teacher Mr. Powell (Close).

Meanwhile, Harper’s father is carrying on an extramarital affair with Sharon Geary, the town sheriff. When a teen is mysteriously killed and Harper is accused of the murder, Geary has to prove the guilt of her lover’s daughter, even if it means uncovering every dark secret and lie.

Geary’s investigation reveals that no one is who they appear to be, from the mysterious Mr. Powell to her own son (Holt). Geary’s role is still uncast.

SDS Films is producing, with Barbara Lieberman serving as executive producer and Ted Bauman as producer.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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"Doubt" (2016)
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Don't Worry Baby (2014)
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Genre: Comedy/Drama
Out in Theatres and VOD on July 22, 2016

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Paperback (2014)
Role: Emily
Genre: Comedy/Romance
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The Grim Sleeper (2014)
Role: Christine Pelisek
Genre: Drama/Thriller
Out on DVD and VOD

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The Discoverers (2014)
Role: Abigail Marshall
Genre: Comedy
Out on DVD and VOD

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"Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23" (2011)
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